Friday, September 24, 2010

Busan - Geumjeong Fortress

Busan - Beomeosa

the glaring roof when the sun pour its rays over the temple...

a Korean woman who offer me some korean traditional snacks when we were soaking our legs in the chilling river.. many people love to chill their feet inside the water... it cools your body down during a hot day...

dedications or wishes or blessings from visitors written on tiles...

the bell u will see at most temple roof hanging down..

inside the temple


Temple - a temple located north of busan where you can reach by taking the subway, this temple can be reached by taking bus 90 (W1000) near the exit of the station... or you can take a cab around W3000 into the temple... I took the bus though...hahhhhaha...

Busan - Gwangan Beach


me and kyle... having too much time to spend... sat at the jetty...

the long bridge u can see at the beach..

a person bury herself in the sand

They sell floats for 5000 won each.. ahahhhhaha

Busan - Jagalchi

the size of the prawn which is longer than your head..

my meal there... giant prawn, natural abalone which is kinda hard, and flonder sashimi

the inside of the building where you can see rows of sea food

a Korean woman removing the flesh from the shell creatures

Jagalchi Fish Market, around south of busan where you can find the city's wholesale centre for the fishy things around. Pick your favourite seafood from the first level of the newly constructed building there and they will bring u to the second level. I spent around 50 000 won ... the food cost around 30 000 won and cooking the creatures goes by per person...a nice place to hang around if u dun mind the fishy smell of the harbour.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Busan - Arrival Day

Eunagi.. did i spell it correctly?

Stew we had for Dinner at some random restaurant we found at Seomyeon.

The Heavy 35- luggage we had to carry to our Hotel. There is no escalators or lift.

We arrive after 3 hours of KTX train ride from Seoul. It is not bad taking train from city to city. I guess its the fast and cheap way to get around in Korea. They even have wireless on the train!We headed straight to Central Hotel where we spent our next 4 nights in Busan.

Monday, August 30, 2010


night life in Seoul

At Inside BACKPACKERS hostel..

A Street in Seoul

Green Tea IceCream... looks interesting thats why I bought it but it still taste like normal icecream...

Our First Meal in Korea, Had a hard time trying to order food for the first time but we manage to point to the pictures and it was rather cheap for our first meal 9000Won for 3 person... hahhaha we had some spicy chicken and sidedishes with fried rice...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moving into the Pinnacle..

Drove the lorry whole day... no time to study... until i have to study at the traffic light...

the kitchen when it is still clean...hahhahaha

closet when it is still tidy...

Indonesian Cultural Night

30 Janaury... had another show at Indonesian Culture Night @ ADM auditorium..... it was a good one after that hall opening... but... NO VIDEO WAS TAKEN... still looking for videos... arGHHHH damn irritated....hahahaahaaha

Hall Opening Show..

Did a Hall opening show when i came back from bangkok... the show din turn out very fantastic.. we had little time to practise and no coordination for the rehearsal and stuff... it looks quite bad i think....hahhahaha

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CUIC 2010

Its 3:43 am.... and I decided to update my blog... haven been here since a month... hahhaha

I went to BANGKOK from 19 Janaury to 25 January!! Met alot of friends from thailand and i love all of them!!! wonderful experience and tripp...They given me much memories which i will keep forever... bangkok rocks!!!